Why “technology and regulation”?

This website will be – mostly – about technology and regulation: competition law – antitrust, merger control, State aid control – intellectual property law and sector regulation, in particular as these relate to information and communication markets, and in particular comparing EU and US approaches.

I am an antitrust lawyer, and I have worked in this area for a while – in both public and private sectors. Now, I have just started a one year research fellowship at NYU School of Law comparing EU and US approaches.

For the last couple of years I have been out of the sector, handling external communications for DG Competition (the part of the European Commission that handles competition enforcement – fining cartels, prohibiting anti-competitive mergers, vetting government aid to industry). High level presentation rather than low level detail.

So when I decided to apply for a research fellowship I decided to get into the detail.

I looked around at the main issues of the day – the collapse of the financial services system, the economic crisis in the real economy, the impending global disaster of climate change – and decided to research the regulation of technology markets. I decided to party like it’s 1999.