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Here’s the latest draft of the publicity material for my comparative law book on EU and US Competition Law and Regulation of Technology Markets.

•  The first practitioner work to give full comparative examination to EU and US competition law and regulation within the information, communication and media markets

• Unique analysis of the relationship between EU/US competition law, intellectual property, telecoms regulation and data protection

• With dedicated chapters on pricing, product design, standards and interoperability, communications networks and data protection.

• Outlook sections which look at possible future developments and law reform

• Written by an official in the Directorate General for Competition in the European Commission with prior in-house experience at a global communications firm

Competition Law and Regulation of Technology Markets takes a practical, integrated approach to EU and US competition law and regulation in the  technology sector – including major trans-Atlantic cases such as Microsoft, Google/Doubleclick, and Intel, and important comparative issues such as refusal to supply (Microsoft, Trinko), margin squeeze (Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, EU Guidance Paper, Linkline), communications regulation and data protection.

The book’s unique perspective focuses on the information, communication and media markets, that form the ‘new economy’. It provides a coherent analysis of these various markets by considering the regulatory context, and by addressing the issues, and ensuing legal problems, that are common to them. These include; high fixed costs, the importance of intellectual property and standards, the impact of interoperability, and the prevalence of network effects.

This book is indispensable for competition lawyers in private practice or in-house at technology companies, and for practitioners specialised in these sectors.   The book is also suitable for advanced degree courses in communications and technology law.



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