Competition Law and Regulation of Technology Markets

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The blogging hiatus has been caused partly by my return to the European Commission, and partly by the need to finish my new book, Competition Law and Regulation of Technology markets, published by Oxford University Press.

The intended audience is practitioners, academics and in-house counsel with an interest in communications and high tech issues, in particular those that need to understand how these issues are handled in both the EU and the US. There are always unintended consequences of course, and I’m extremely pleased that the book has already been recommended on at least one LLM course in communications law.

The book is mostly about antitrust in the communications sector, but also covers intellectual property, telecoms regulation and data protection. Its main focus is EU law, but includes substantial analysis of US law as well, highlighting similarities and differences.

The book is now available, from all good (niche, specialised) bookstores, and also from the slightly less niche bookseller Amazon:

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Happy reading.